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This customer reviews page serves as testimony to the remarkable photos taken, the dedicated customer service that is provided, and the savings that Glamour Shots offer. Glamour Shots works hard to make sure that your experience is enjoyable, relaxing, and most importantly, fun. Hair stylists and makeup artists give you a fabulous makeover and professional photographers guide you through the process of taking a top notch photo.

Glamour Shots strives to present the best quality photos of any photography agency out there. With Glamour Touch, your features and lighting can be enhanced and give your portraits the finishing touches. Glamour Shots also offers a variety of packages. While high quality portraits may be a little more pricy than those from an amateur photographer, you are getting more for your money with experienced professionals. Glamour Shots believe in high quality photos at a reasonable price with a quick turnaround.

Glamour Shots consults with you to get an appreciation and understanding for how you would like your makeup, hair styled, and the theme that you would like for your photos. Glamour Shots sets themselves apart from others in the industry by actually partnering with clients to build a photography package that is catered to the specific desires of customers. Glamour Shots reviews give you some insight to client's experience which includes feedback about makeover services, the quality of portraits, pricing, and customer service.

Enjoyable Studio Sessions
- Jazmin, Arizona

"Some of the biggest fears you might have about getting portraits done are likely related to interaction with staff and privacy. These were two issues I had some anxiousness about before recently having my portraits done at Glamour Shots. The first thing I noticed about Glamour Shots was how personable and friendly their staff is. It can be hard to feel comfortable around complete strangers, especially when they’re going to be taking portraits of you. However, the makeup artists and photographer were extremely easy to feel relaxed around. My portraits were done in a private room at the back of the studio. It was great working one on one with the photographer, rather than having to worry about anyone else watching. I find Glamour Shots complaints hard to believe, my studio session was more than enjoyable."

Reasonable Portrait Pricing
- Caroline, Fairfax VA

"I’ve priced out portraits at a number of places and with several independent photographers.Glamour Shots priceswere some of the most reasonable, even before the great services they provide on top. I was able to have my makeup and hair done by a professional team, all for an extremely fair price for my portraits."

Fun Family Portraits
- Gloria, Staten Island NY

"Recently I took my family into Glamour Shots for a family portrait. I’ve read some other Glamour Shots reviews and found a few complaints, but our experience was nothing like what others had mentioned. The staff was friendly and enjoyable to be around. We brought in several outfits we were eager to have portraits done in, the staff was patient and professional, allowing us to have fun with portraits. Overall we were very pleased with our family portrait experience and now have a beautiful mantel piece."

Top-Rate Portrait Service
- Jessica, Kentucky KY

"There are a number of services available for taking your portraits, but Glamour Shots is among the best in my opinion. I’ve done some modeling for smaller clients and have needed to have portraits done in order to land jobs. Other photographers I’ve worked with have been pushy or seemed disinterested during the session. The photographer at Glamour Shots was fun, energetic and offered creative ideas. Some of the Glamour Shots ratings I’ve seen puzzle me. I’d give them 4 ½ stars out of 5. Next time I need to update my portraits I’ll be going to Glamour Shots!"

Portraits That Won’t Cost an Arm & Leg
- Jason and Family, Ohio

"Have you seen Glamour Shots pricing reviews? I have and up until I went in to find out for myself how much portraits were going to be I believed them. However, the truth is that their prices are more than reasonable, especially compared to competitors and freelance photographers. For the quality and pampered care you receive from Glamour Shots, you’d be crazy to think you’ll find a better deal. Glamour Shots offers professional portraits and services at a price that won’t cost you an arm and a leg."

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